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It's time to tune out the comparison and discover your own path of least resistance.

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I'm Leah Brathwaite, a Soul Advisor with the unique ability to tune into your energy frequency and essence, offering guidance that keep you connected to the most potent force out there: your soul. As an author, entrepreneur, and spiritual guide, I help individuals unlock their highest potential and embrace their limitless selves. With my expertise in Kundalini yoga and Human Design, I guide transformative journeys of self-discovery. I created The Free Lifestyle Inc., a home for personal and spiritual development to reconnect you with your soul and let it move you in the world. It is living from this place that you make your biggest impact and experience the magnificence that life is supposed to be.

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A monthly membership to guide you on your way, each and every month,

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Embark on a soulful journey of self-discovery with the LFLapp. With curated monthly themes, potent Kundalini activations, and enlivening meditations & trainings, you'll unlock a deep connection with your true self and the sacred source within.

Enrich your life with targeted programs and courses while studying at your own pace.


Indulge in your desired topics at your own pace. Explore my course library filled with beloved programs for instant access to my best-selling content.

Personalized prescriptive practices with 1:1 Mentorship with Leah.

SouL Rx 1:1 MenTorShIp

Soul Rx combines aspects of your Human Design (your Soul's energetic blueprint), specifically chosen-for-you Kundalini Activations and Intuitive Coaching in a completely customized 40-Day Devotional Program.

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"Soulful connection. That's what the LFL and Leah brought me. We don't come across it very often these days, and I was starved for it; the magic of the universe and of the spiritual world. Of hearing our own inner truth and guidance over that of the busy world. Before the program, I was still very attached to the past, but didn't fully realize it. Although I had already embarked on a healing journey, and had taken significant steps to begin moving in a more authentic direction in my life, I wasn't able to go all the way until I did the LFL. It helped me look at old patterns, share vulnerably in a group of incredibly supportive and brave women, and help me let go enough to embrace the beauty and possibility of the unknown."

– Alena Miklasova • Live Free Lifestyle Student

I wasn't able to go all the way until I did the Live Free Lifestyle.

"Before 40 Days of Devotion I was letting negative chatter get the best of me. I felt dragged down and depleted of energy, finding it difficult to be present in the moment with my family. After 40 Days of Devotion I felt reenergized and felt like that dark cloud following me around was lifted. The negative chatter had quieted down significantly. I found myself feeling more productive and being able to be present in the moment. My favorite part was having the opportunity to be live and being able to connect with the community and Leah! It was a wonderful experience!"

– Priya Lad • 40 Days of Devotion

That dark cloud following me around was lifted.

"Before the LIVE FREE Lifestyle, I felt powerless. I was in people-pleasing overdrive and was completely unaware of my spiral of self hatred. I felt the need to look outside myself for answers and didn't think I had enough self-trust to choose what was best for me. I signed up because I was tired of feeling stuck: stuck in a job that I wasn't passionate about, study in my own downward spiraling thoughts, stuck in not feeling worthy enough, stuck in victim-mode.

The LIVE FREE Lifestyle shifted my mindset and showed me that I am a sovereign woman who is fully allowed to trust her intuition, love herself fully, and drop the need to people-please. I feel a renewed sense of energy and excitement in my life. I'm in love with who I am and who I'm becoming. I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to awaken their own deep sense of self-love and self-power. It's in you, and this program will help you find your way back to it. "

– Meg Comeau • Live Free Lifestyle Student

I feel a renewed sense of energy and excitement in my life. I'm in love with who I am and who I'm becoming.

"Leah has an effortless way of describing perfectly what we all yearn for and she has written a simple step by step guide on how to achieve fulfillment in our lives - minds, bodies & souls.

If you have ever experienced the feeling of being lost, disconnected, or unsettled - READ THIS BOOK!

If you are uncertain of your future or have ever held any sort of doubt in yourself - READ THIS BOOK!

If you are fearful or worried about what others may think of you - READ THIS BOOK!

If you desire a deeper connection on any sort of level - do your soul a favour and READ THIS BOOK!

– Amy C. • Review of A New Way of Life

If you desire a deeper connection on any sort of level - do your soul a favour...

Close the gap between you and your limitless self in under 5 minutes
The quiz you’re about to take will reveal 3 powerful things for you…

  • YOUR SOUL STATUS and what this baseline means for your future evolution
  • YOUR SOUL THEME to help you navigate this season of your life in your power
  • YOUR SOUL ASSIGNMENT to fully embody your limitless self

thE cOurSe liBraRY

self-study courses to guide you on your way

A New Way of Life: A Guide for Transformation from Living a Lie to Freeing Your Soul

LeaH's BesTSelLINg BOok

"As with everything in life, all you have to do is choose to say “yes”. The path will appear as the words in this book light the way.”


"Leah’s book will change your life, if you let it."

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