a FoRce fOr LibERatiOn

From FOrcIng IT

An elevation of consciousness is moving through the planet and those sensitive enough to feel it realize that the power dynamic is shifting from external force to internal flow.

We need better tools to navigate the mounting stress, pressure, and anxiety of our world – especially as beings with limitless potential who spend far too much time looking outside themselves for the wisdom they think they're missing (been there, done that).

Here's what I've discovered in all my learning, forgetting, and remembering: What limits us in life is not our circumstances but our perception of ourselves in relation to our circumstances.

Most people don’t clearly see that they are in fact limitless and capable of incredible feats. That their dreams are real and reachable. The path that leads to our desires reveals itself when we stay close to our true essence and recall its potency each time we "forget."

LFL gives you the teachings, tools and technology to help you remember that you are more than just a human. You are a divine creative being. And you’re meant to live free…

To FindIng FlOw

The Live Free Lifestyle is a force for liberation and elevation


Leah Brathwaite is an author, Soul Advisor, Kundalini instructor and Human Design guide. She’s the founder of Live Free Lifestyle Inc, a personal and spiritual development and lifestyle brand that helps high achievers connect with and live into their full potential and purpose.

After emancipating from nearly three decades of of repressive religious indoctrination, navigating disability, depression and divorce and starting her life over from scratch at 30, Leah has learned valuable tools, lessons and practices to heal, get unstuck and create a life of freedom, fulfillment and joy. She teaches her transformative methods and perspectives through her writing, courses and consulting. Combining spirituality, practical psychology and metaphysics in her work, she creates unique opportunities for others to tap into the deepest truth of their souls and find their own answers to life’s big questions. 

When I thought all was lost, there I was again. The journey of transformation and connecting to your unlimited self is a path of forgetting and remembering, again and again.

REdisCovEriNg ThE MagiC

If you resonate with my journey, you've likely embarked on a path of spiritual self-discovery time and again. You've savored the magic of releasing limiting beliefs, connecting to the source, and witnessing wondrous transformations in your life. Yet, you may still yearn for something more despite creating a lot of magic in your life.

Perhaps, in the midst of comparison, hustle, and the relentless pursuit of expansion, you lost your way. What was once so enlivening no longer ignites the same spark, leaving you wondering, "what am I doing wrong here? I must be missing something...?"

Here's the uplifting news: I've been deep in the fog and have found the way out. What I've discovered is this: you don't need more external solutions. Instead, return to the foundational truths and recognize that all the answers reside within you when you lead from devotion.

The Path Is not a Linear One. the true guiding light is found within – by being in your own devotion.

here’s what I’m currently learning from my soul:

NotE to Self:

the most powerful person in my life is me.

ultimate freedom is the freedom to be yourself in every situation.

Your purpose is to let god be expressed through you.

the source of all the good in your life comes from within.

your fulfilment will come from your authenticity. If you're not authentic it wont feel like anything is penetrating your being.

the degree to which you honor yourself is the degree to which you’ll be valued.

the wealth that you cultivate in your spiritual life is what will be reflected on the outside.

You realize you're stuck, unfulfilled, and craving more out of life.

Life is passing you by, despite it even looking good on paper. You ask yourself: "Wait how did I get here?" So, you start with the simple fixes: binge on books and podcast, take a course, and try to fill that emptiness inside as best you can. You start to see the light and take steps to align your life.

The Non-LinEar Path

Now, there’s a deeper call to show up in the world – and you have to listen.

Opening yourself up to more possibility has unleashed a hunger for more. It's like you're getting to know your true self for the very first time. You take bigger steps and deeper dives into things like coaching, yoga teacher trainings, reiki master, business coaching... basically anything you can get your hands on. You're expanding but there's one big problem...

Now, you must reconnect to YOU.

Your devotion becomes less about outcomes and more about reconnecting with your truth, your authenticity, and how YOU can uniquely serve in this life. You rebuild a devotional practice to yourself and your connection with source. You finally feel like you're back online and reconnected to the magic.

Now you feel like an imposter....

Despite having all the tools and all the expansion, you feel like you're missing something. You've focused on so many external mechanisms that you've lost your ground in the one thing you know better than anyone: yourself.

Get aligned on the path and step forward in a bigger way.

This path is a lifelong journey of leveling up. There’s always another level of fulfillment you’re searching for. That's the journey of the soul, and it's not wrong! What we miss is that to expand in our aligned direction, we must stay grounded in our devotion to our own evolution. That is when you can continue to show up. Use your life and business as a spiritual journey. To discover how limitless you actually are.

Ready to embrace your limitless potential and re-discover your own devotion?


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