Personalized prescriptive practices to bring the magic back into your life. 


A 1:1 high-touch, personally tailored experience


Soul Rx combines aspects of your Human Design (your Soul's energetic blueprint), specifically chosen-for-you Kundalini Activations and Intuitive Coaching in a completely customized 40-Day Devotional Program.

The intention behind Soul Rx is to help you deepen in your self awareness to reveal your potential, build healthy habits to achieve your desires, expand your consciousness to activate future possibilities and unblock your energy to experience more peace, power, purpose, pleasure and prosperity.


How It WOrkS

SteP oNe:

Complete the application

Complete the application so I can get to know you better and determine how Soul Rx will work for you!  APPLY HERE

SteP TwO:

60 Minute Diagnostic Call

If your application is successful, we’ll hop on a 60 minute Diagnostic Call to dive into your dreams, desires, where you feel disconnected and where you want to explore deeper.

SteP ThREe:

Get Your Prescription

I channel your Soul Rx and customize a path to help you reconnect with your own source of insight, intuition and inspiration.

SteP fOuR:

Activate Your Power & Potential

Off we go! I support, guide and advise you as you activate your potential and power through your customized Soul Rx program.

Please Note: Every Soul Rx is unique and is personally customized for you. Your Soul Rx may include: weekly calls (video or voice), daily practices, voice note support, energetic attunements and more.

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